ENCORE! Kundalini Yoga at the Shala!

Community Kundalini Yoga with Ming Lee Prospero
August 4th   
Saturday 4-5:30pm
Suggested donation $6-$16 or use your class card.
Kundalini Yoga is taught by certified teachers in Kundalini technology.  Kundalini Yoga is a beautiful and ancient form of yoga brought to this country by Yogi Bhajan of India. This practice brings together exercise or kriyas, breathing, mantra and meditation to balance and unblock the body's energy centers.  The movement of energy generated by this practice unlocks each person's creative potential, helps to eliminate negative patterns and promotes a balanced mind and body.  This tradition of yoga can promote strength, determination, intuition and radiance to meet the challenges of your life.  Kundalini yoga classes are for people at all levels of fitness, age or physical limitation.