YOGA FLOW & GONG BATH with Elizabeth and Stephanie

Release and unwind connecting the mind, body and spirit through movement and breath with certified Baptiste teacher  Elizabeth Johnstone as she guides you through an hour-long Baptiste flowing class with emphasis on gentle deep hip openers, yeilding more comfort in your pelvis and back. You will feel cleansed, refreshed and relaxed.  Then melt into a deep sound relaxation while waves of gong tones wash over your mind, body and spirit during the Gong Bath with Stephanie Marisca.  Stephanie is  a sound healing artist who  facilitates vibrational  gong baths for healing, ceremony and ritual.  The gong is a primordial tonal instrument used to reconnect your consciousness to the place of timeless meditation within. Release subtle tensions held in the subconscious. Restore and renew your being by re-establishing connection with all parts of you.
Saturday,  May 19th 4-6
25.00 • 35.00 day of 
preregistration recommended